On the one hand Makan arrived to Argentina with a pre notion that we will find steaks and tango on the streets, on the other hand, and upon introduction we are often asked questions about Arabic food... more info
The new year arrived with two artists in residence, Saba Innab and Tom Bogaert
( stay tuned to there latest news )
Ola and Diala are back from their voyage exploring Latin America and the Pacific... more info
Makan is venturing into its 7th year and so much has happened. Where did the time go? In one form or another, Makan worked with over 120 artists, some visual others sound, some local others from... more info
As part of our six-week residency at Makan, we are working on an installation that explores our ancestral connection to the Middle East. Our starting point is audio recordings of our family and the... more info
Amman, March 10th 2010
“Park” is the title of visual artist Saba Innab’s latest project, an intervention in Makan. The exhibition, opened on the 8th of March at Makan, investigates notions about... more info
The making of the Silk Roads, organised by ArtHub presents in Bangkok
August 27-30, 2009http://www.arthubasia.org
Samah Hijawi represented Makan in the Making of Silk Roads symposium with a... more info

Makan team would like to share its most recent news with you: Ola Khalidi is going to continue her studies in curatorial practice at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco starting... more info
Ammar Khammash is better-known for his stunning interpretation of the unique landscapes of Jordan. His technique has a distinct quality in that he uses mixed media, including chalk, pencil and... more info

Speak, memory is a three-day event structured around presentations, panel discussions, screenings, and artist talks exploring the rich array of methodologies that can be adopted to unearth, revisit... more info