Makan is venturing into its 7th year and so much has happened. Where did the time go? In one form or another, Makan worked with over 120 artists, some visual others sound, some local others from... more info
Makan visits Al Mahatta International Artists Workshop II - Palestine
Makan visited Ramallah for the open day of Al Mahatta workshop that hosted 19 artists from different parts of the world. The... more info
Makan is hosting a 4-day workshop for researchers in modern and contemporary Arab Art in the village of Shatana from October 19th - 22nd 2011. The workshop is a chance to allow for the group of five... more info
Yes its been that long and the dinner party was way overdue. With the help of our resource development team; Jumana Husseini and Hind Dabbagh, Makan invites artists, family and friends and people who... more info
As part of our six-week residency at Makan, we are working on an installation that explores our ancestral connection to the Middle East. Our starting point is audio recordings of our family and the... more info
Makan's فول at the Oakland Museum-California
April 1st 2011

Makan traveled all the way to San Francisco to make ful in the spirit of the revolution, here is the recipe:

Makan's Ful
Ful (fava... more info
By Thameen KheetanAMMAN - Political reforms can be realised by finding common ground between citizens of different origins to reach a consensus on a civil state of law and institutions, according to... more info
To Our Friends in Tahrir Square (The Plaza of Freedom), on the Nile, on the streets of Alexandria and the Mediterranean shores, on the studios and workshops, in the living rooms with mothers and... more info
To Our Friends and Colleagues in Egypt,
To Mahmoud Khaled, Doa Ali, Mahmoud Rifaat, Maha Maamoun, Basma El-Husseiny, Mo Fa, Ahmad Robi, Rana El-Nemr, Tarek Abu El-Fetouh, Mariam Hassan, Alia Al-... more info