Culture stands very close in relation to art (nothing new in claiming that) and that is what we had a good glimpse of in a series of exhibition openings that took place on april 16th 2009 in Jabal... more info
By Thameen KheetanAMMAN - Political reforms can be realised by finding common ground between citizens of different origins to reach a consensus on a civil state of law and institutions, according to... more info
On behalf of Makan's team, Diala Khasawnih attended and received the silver award for the Art and Design category in the Jordan web awards ceremony. Makan wishes to share the excitement and joy with... more info
Well, its actually been a month in Holland to-date.
I am in a quiet city in the north of the Nethrlands, in Hoorn! Yes I agree, a strange name that insinuates different things.
None-the-less, Hotel... more info
-Ola Khalidi and Diala Khasawnih started working on their project during the residency they are spending 2 months in Argentina for.
-The Multimedia artist Toleen Touq will start the Makan's... more info

In June of 2010, I participated in a month long residency at Makan. Attending the program was not only my first time in Jordan, but the Levant as well. In addition to all of the amazing experiences... more info
After the arts residency in Buenos Aires at “Quien puede vivir en esta casa?” Makan arrives to Córdoba on the 21st of October and takes residence in the flat generously offered by New York based... more info
Conducted by Diala Khasawnih over email
Logistics: Exhibition opening on Tuesday April 14th at, 8:00pm, Darat al Funun. Exhibit on until June 16th
Diala: hello Ala’
I would like to ask you a few... more info
To Our Friends in Tahrir Square (The Plaza of Freedom), on the Nile, on the streets of Alexandria and the Mediterranean shores, on the studios and workshops, in the living rooms with mothers and... more info