silver for Makan website

On behalf of Makan's team, Diala Khasawnih attended and received the silver award for the Art and Design category in the Jordan web awards ceremony. Makan wishes to share the excitement and joy with Synatx and Spring who are responsible for our beautiful virtual space - they also won 2 other silver and 7 gold awards, we tell you: they are good.

While I thought I had a moment with Minister Marwan Jumaa as I was shaking hands with him, in reality he was waiting for me to turn to the cameras and get myself a nice shot proving this moment, but alas, I was too engrossed in the award, while I had prepared a speech to thank the event organizers, the Minister, Syntax and Spring, my family and friends, Martin Scorsese and the audience, it turned out only gold winners got the chance. Maybe next time, maybe in Cannes.

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This is a good occasion to encourage you - our visitors to take part in our website, particularly this blog. This is a space to share and engage in conversation about matters related to culture, arts and life so please feel free to post a comment, a question, an opinion  ... whatever, the virtual space, apparently, has no limit.