bait makan 2006-2012

Bait Makan hosted and invited local and international artists either through an open call for participation or through exchanges with art spaces from many different partners around the world. The program worked with curators, researchers and artists on the development and/or the presentation of their works in exhibitions, screenings, and artists talks in Makan as well as other private or public spaces in Jordan.
For several years, Bait Makan ran The Arab Artists Residency and Exchange Program. The program was funded by the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, and in cooperation with art spaces in other Arab cities including The Townhouse in Cairo, Zico House in Beirut, Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum (ACAF) in Alexandria, and The Qattan Foundation in Ramallah. This program encouraged artists from Jordan to apply for residencies in other Arab cities, and invited artists from these cities to come for a residency in Amman. The program aimed at countering the trend of artists looking west for professional development, exhibitions, and exchange opportunities, a phenomenon tied to the scarcity of funding and mobility opportunities in the Arab world. 

Other such residency projects included Shatana International Artist Workshop (2007-2009), and The Young Artist Summer Residency program (2008-2012) which targeted younger artists from Jordan and the Arab world.