Makan is back in Amman, adjusting to the new clock and coping with the winter, hanging on to the memories of life in Argentina. The last couple of weeks in Argentina were spent in the centre of one... more info

Speak, memory is a three-day event structured around presentations, panel discussions, screenings, and artist talks exploring the rich array of methodologies that can be adopted to unearth, revisit... more info
An Awakening Dream
To engage in a daydream is to allow the mind to wander while awake and in doing so, to entertain fantasies with limitless creativity. In an improvisation on this meaning, Toleen... more info
Visual artist and Shatana work team member Hanan Khalil will be attending the 2009 Chongqing Organhaus International Artists’ Workshop Project in Huangjueping district of Chongqing, China. The... more info
Makan's فول at the Oakland Museum-California
April 1st 2011

Makan traveled all the way to San Francisco to make ful in the spirit of the revolution, here is the recipe:

Makan's Ful
Ful (fava... more info
Makan, in the shape of team members Diala Khasawnih and Ola Khalidi, crossed great distances and flown south over the equator to land in the spring of Buenos Aires to take part in a residency... more info
This is a random signal transmitted from Makan testing virtual-waters for online-outputs of Interruptions' (current) residency.
Stay tuned for more updates.
Makan Wishes you a year full of delights
Happy New Year
Makan visits Al Mahatta International Artists Workshop II - Palestine
Makan visited Ramallah for the open day of Al Mahatta workshop that hosted 19 artists from different parts of the world. The... more info