Coin Gutter is an eight year collaboration between Graeme Scott and Emma Hendrix that explores the dialogue between sound, emotion, repetition and narrative.  They recycle their own work, improvising... more info
Each set captures isolated moments, thoughts and feelings in different spaces.
The name Spaced (as in located in a space), illustrates random personal moments and how each individual feels in his or... more info
This exhibition, entitled Portrait, reassesses traditional portraiture by expanding it to depict body language. There is much to read in a person's body language, following the lines of individual... more info
This installation included a collection of bras and stories in a setup imitating shop window displays. The stories were also published in an illustrated book alongside the exhibit and each bra... more info
Makan, in cooperation with OrangeRed and supported by the French Cultural Centre in Amman, invited the 100 Live Electronic Music Festival 2 organised by 100Copies in Cairo and Alexandria. The... more info
MKMAEL is the title of an ongoing process-oriented art project, the stage for which is the World Wide Web. MKMAEL project is a discursive attempt at exploring the psychological and sociopolitical... more info
Sha3shabouneh is a collaborative project between Makan and Mohammad alQaq (; the team also included Razan Khatib (, and Toleen Touq as... more info