Sah3shabouneh-Blogging event, collaborative work between Mohammad alQaq and Makan

Sha3shabouneh is a collaborative project between Makan and Mohammad alQaq (; the team also included Razan Khatib (, and Toleen Touq as consultants, supported by Syntax and Join Visions. The project invited those interested in the world of blogging to a meeting introducing this world, its potential and dimensions.



The attendance was able to get familiar with blogging techniques and the creation of blogs: how do bloggers evaluate their blogs, what does it mean for a blog to be in this private/public sphere, what are the personal and public roles of a blog and other such wonderings. Sah3shabouneh invited bloggers and blogging experts to speak of their experiences, they are: Ahmad Humeid (, Lina Ejeilat, Wael Attili (, Mariam Abu Adas (, Mohammad alQaq and Razan Al Khatib.