7th year itch

Makan is venturing into its 7th year and so much has happened. Where did the time go? In one form or another, Makan worked with over 120 artists, some visual others sound, some local others from around, events small and large. We are still figuring it all out. Now we have a blog, this is it: Makan’s virtual space. We will see where this goes.


For this website we thank Razan Khatib, Ahmad Humaid, Roba Al-Assi, Yasmeen Ayyashi, Mahmoud Faqih and Farid Said , from Syntax and Spring, they are this website’s creators and sposnors.


It is winter; the team at Makan hovers around heating units and consumes lots of tea. We just said goodbye to Su Tomesen, the Dutch visual artist who spent a three month residency in Bait Makan, her exhibit ‘There’ is on until the March 5th, it opened on February 22nd with a music performance by Shou Hal Ayam. You can find more about her on http://www.sutomesen.nl


These are the last days of Shahira Issa’s residency. Shahira, an Egyptian artist and curator, is spending a 6 week residency in Makan as part of Bait Makan-Arab artist Exchange and Residency program. She just co-curated the event Kharita, If you cannot find her in Makan, check al-Quds Restaurant downtown.


Towards the end of March, Makan will be hosting our own Super Hero all the way from Berlin. Stay with us for more information or visit http://the-superhero.blogspot.com/


Meanwhile, check our website, leave your comment, join our email list and visit us for a cup of tea.