Oct, 2010

Luis is an artist from Puerto Rico who focuses on visual arts, material economies, and mass customization through the lens of architecture. He has received various awards, including the Parsons / Michael Kalil Award for Smart Design, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Schnitzer Award for the Visual Arts, the MIT Takenaka Corporation Japan Internship, and the MIT Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture Travel Grant.


Luis has had solo and group exhibitions, installations and architectural design projects in over 10 countries. Recent work includes the founding of The Anxious Prop collective/publication, projects such as 'The Turtle' and 'Nonspheres' series, collaborative projects such as the 'Urban Customization Workshop' (Berlin/Hamburg/Munich) and 'Stonemasonry in Context' (Mallorca), and installations such as 'Immediate Archaeologies' at Program (Berlin) and 'Immediate Archeologies Two or the Children's Crusade' (Dresden).

For more details about the artist: http://www.luisberriosnegron.org/


February 2011

Thea is an interdisciplinary artist and performer based in the San Francisco area. Her projects include electronic music, sound art, performance, and video. Thea's work has been seen internationally at venues which include the Meridian Gallery in San Francisco, the Center for Experimental Art and the Aram Kachaturyan Museum in Yerevan, Armenia, the Alternative Museum and Issue Project Room in New York City, Salon Bruit in Berlin, and the International Women's Electroacoustic Listening Room Project in Amsterdam and Los Angeles. 


Thea studied Arabic classical music in New York City, San Francisco, and in Cairo. She has an M.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts from San Francisco State and an M.F.A. in Electronic Music from Mills College. In 2009, she was a lecturer in the Art Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz.


For more inforamtion about the artist, check: http://www.theafarhadian.com/


*photography by: Silvina Der Merguerditchian 



April, 2011

Shuruq Harb is based in Ramallah, Palestine. Working with text and photography, her work has taken the city as one of its main subject matters. She is currently working on a limited edition artist book with the working title A Portrait of a City-45 Faces, which documents portraits found on store fronts in Ramallah. The project also traces the circulation and distribution of images from the Internet and into the city landscape.  She is the co-founder of ArtTerritories, an online platform for critical exchange on matters of art and visual culture in the Middle East and the Arab World. Her piece A Book of Signatureswill be showing at Untitled (12th Istantbul Biennial) opening Sept. 2011.


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May-June, 2011

Aisha Jamal is a filmmaker, occasional curator and university instructor. Born in Kandahar, Afghanistan Jamal spent her high- school years in Vancouver, Canada and moved to Toronto to complete her PhD in contemporary German cinema. During this time, she shot and directed her first documentary, Dolls and Bombs, as well as curating various film series and exhibits. Her main interest, academically and artistically, lie in conceptual and theoretical issues of migration and Diaspora. She is currently based in Toronto, Canada.

May-June, 2011

Sarah Shamash is a media artist working in documentary, film, installation, video, web and mobile medias. Born in Vancouver, Canada, Shamash completed a BA in Film Production at the University of British Columbia. She moved to Paris in 2001, where she lived, worked and studied for five years; completing an MA in Cinema, and an MFA in Fine Arts at Paris VIII, University of Saint Denis. While in Paris she began exhibiting her work in art venues and film festivals while pursuing her creative production at artist residencies, including Vancouver, Toronto, Salvador, Banff, Sao Paulo and, most recently, Amman, Jordan. Informed by cinema, her current work engages socio and psycho geographies through the exploration of specific places, people and mapping strategies that convey personal and experiential knowledge through everyday life. She is currently based in Vancouver, Canada.  


June - November 2011

Nidal El Khairy is an illustrator living in Amman, Jordan. After completing a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, he moved to Montreal, Canada where he spent four and half years working on political art in a context of local  grass-roots social movements such as the Coalition against the Deportation of Palestinian refugees, No One Is Illegal and Solidarity Across Boarders. He also had solo and group exhibitions in Montreal, Toronto, Tokyo, Beirut, Amman and Caracas.

September 2011

Born in Lebanon in 1982, Lynn Kodeih lives and works in Beirut. In her work, she uses video and photography as well as the raw body of the performer, as she experiments with new media. 

She acted in and directed several performances including Coma, Hamlet Machine, Regrets of the Statue Man, and The Invisible City. 

Lynn is fascinated by faces, obliteration, narration and testimony. In her installations Triptych – I am the Martyr #187 and Variations on an Icon, she reflects on monuments and martyrdom conceptualizing the human body, a task she attempts to pursue in 160 Feet Under Pure Blue Sea which she will present in Makan.

October 2011

Kristine Khouri is a researcher, writer and photographer currently based in Beirut, Lebanon after spending a year in Amman (2007-2008) as a Fulbright fellow investigating visual art practice and production, specifically institutions and structures and identity production. She worked as a researcher for Walid Raad on his current project "Scratching on Things You Could Disavow: A History of Modern and Contemporary Arab Art," and with Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige on the the Haigazian Rocket Society project. With Rasha Salti, she cofounded "The History of Arab Modernities in the Visual Arts," a long term research project investigating the realm of production, exhibition, critical engagement and consumption of modern art in the region from the 1950s until the 1980s.


٢٠١١ تشرين اول

كريستين خوري باحثة وكاتبة ومصورة. تسكن حاليّا في بيروت، لبنان بعد أن أمضت سنة في عمان (٢٠٠٧-٢٠٠٨) للتحقيق في ممارسة الفن المرئي والإنتاج ، وتحديدا مؤسسات وهياكل الانتاج والهوية إثر حصولها على منحة فولبرايت. في بيروت، عملت باحثة مع وليد رعد في مشروعه الحالي عن تاريخ الفن العربي المعاصر كما عملت مع جوانا حاجي توما وخليل جريج في مشروع هايكازيان روكيت الإجتماعي. اشتركت مع  رشا السلطي في تأسيس مشروع بحثي طويل الأمد بعنوان "تاريخ "الحداثة في العالم العربي في الفنون البصرية الذي تتمثل مهمته في التحقيق في مجال الإنتاج والعرض والمشاركة والاستهلاك  الفعّال والنقدي  للفن الحديث من خمسينيّات وحتى ثمانينيّات القرن الماضي في الشرق الأوسط.


October 2011

I'm not exactly a graphic designer, nor am I a product designer. I am not particularly a street-artist or comic book artist, nor am I an installation artist, writer, speaker, or video-maker. But I've had the chance to assume one of those roles at different periods in time and in different locations around the world. More about my stuff on www.ganzeer.com