Visual artist Samah Hijawi spent a month at the Alexandria Contemporary Art Forum investigating the subject of Arab Unity. Egypt was one of the main players in the beginnings of the Arab Unity in the 1950s, furthermore, Gamal Abdul Nasser -then the president of Egypt- was and still is the icon of the Arab unity. The residency included research and many conversations with Egyptians, allowing for a specific perspective of the idea of the Arab Unity, and the use of the Alexandria Bibliothèque and their archive of Gamal Abdul Nasser's speeches and interviews. The residency instigated the development of the work towards a performance piece.

Alma Khasawnih spent a month in Ramallah to write a love story inspired by the city. Within the first week, she met people who shared their love stories, which were depictions of their personal and collective histories, so she started collecting these stories. She posted and distributed flyers "calling for participation." She received calls, a few materialized into interviews which she documented as stories; people were generally proactive in the process. At the end of the month, Alma gave an artist presentation at the Qattan Foundation; it included an interactive installation of love foods which were devoured after the presentation

Maja Medic continued her ongoing research entitled Prečice (Ancestress) while in residency at Makan. This project represents a comparative study of women's lives in the Twentieth Century. The project involves meetings with women between the age of 27 and 32 to collect photographs of themselves, their mothers, grand mothers and great grandmothers as well as data relating to these women. Each country on Maja’s trip represents a phase of the project; her visit to Amman was the second phase. The change in geography is an opportunity for visiting new cultures and leaning of new traditions, valuable to the research.

During her 6 week residency, Shahira Issa researched Amman’s cultural institutions in tandem with the history of the city’s urban growth and recent regeneration projects.  Towards the end of her residency, Issa presented a work-in-progress, entitled An Encounter with the Museum Collection. In this work, she traces the shift in the tension between artistic activity and the desire for recognition on the one hand, and notions of culture that inform the circulation of work on the other. Based on her research, Issa constructed a setting in which she re-imagines the biography of the city through an abstract encounter with the collection of an art museum.

Visual artist Inass Yassin came to Makan for an open research residency. From Makan’s balcony Inass saw the beautiful view of the city and explored the surrounding neighbourhood of Jabal Al-Weibdeh. This neighbourhood is part of the old city of Amman, its architectural and construction layers became Inass’s start point for her work. Research work explored the changing space within the city that is growing as measure metropolitan.  The daily meetings in the balcony, enjoying tea, discussions and music shaped the residency at Makan into a personal place to live and private space to work


From December 3 2008 until February 28 2009 ,Su Tomesen was the Dutch artist-in-residence at Makan House in Amman, Jordan. The residence was made possible by Fonds BKVB, the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.

Part of her residence was traveling to Syria, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine / Israel.

She presented THERE, Remember, Untitled (Palestine 1948) and other works at the final exhibition THERE in Makan House.


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The first week I arrived in Amman I met Amman's most renowned “she-male" (a transsexual) had a cigarette with her on the balcony as we conversed about Egyptian TV spy series Raafat ElHajan, a few days later I was invited to dinner with Ola's extended family who happened to be passing through. Amman thus instantly provided me with both warmth and excitement. During the rest of the month, I met Dina Bani Mustafa and Mohammed Alqaq whom I fell in love with and casted as actors for my most recent video, I met choreographer Abdel Rahman Barakat completely by coincidence and hired him. I prepared, rehearsed, shot a new video and still had time to tan on the balcony. By far, my most productive and serendipitous residency to date.


I came to Amman on a whim with no clear idea, and left with a finished project and beautiful encounters. I think what made the difference really is the quality of interaction between the host and the artist. Ola always seemed to have a solution to whatever obstacle I came across, complete with phone numbers and emails. And everyone, whether they worked with Makan or at the restaurant downstairs, every single person I called for a favor or interacted with on daily basis, was hospitable, resourceful and helpful. I don't think I have ever been to a place where everybody was so eager to help and collaborate, making me feel immediately settled. This attitude, which to me extended from Makan to the rest of Amman, is mainly what made this residency so productive, not to mention the city's landscape, which I found absolutely soothing and inspiring. I did spend a lot of time on the balcony. 


The work in progress at the moment, entitled Girl Splendid in Walking, is loosely based on Gradiva; a Pompiian Fancy by Wilhelm Jensen, and Russian Folk Tales Marozka and Teryosha. It's a repetitive narrative which twists the premise of the novel; the enchanting manner of walking of the Gradiva. I use this premise, to explore the notion of the beautiful, romantic vs. awkward or ridiculous. The video is performance-based, centered around a very specific walking choreography through which I explore different types of reminiscence; remembering a movement, a sensation, a trajectory, and remembering a person and impression.




The Superhero has existed for two years and lives in Germany.

As a result of a crisis, the artist Johnny Amore became a Superhero by chance, a Superhero with mere human superpowers. To manage his crisis, he was going to travel to Finland and Lanzarote; he got his strength back after he gave several performances and projects and practiced his good skills by being in contact with people.

In his Superhero blog (, people worldwide can always follow his journey. There he describes himself and his life by photographs and writings.

Then the Superhero came to Amman. This inspiring city and the great surrounding of Makan and its crew gave him the best support and peace, to live for the first time really his human Superpowers. He found himself again and gave back from his newly found strength: to the people in the streets and in two workshops with children about 'How to become a Superhero.’

Filmmaker Mais Darwazah visited Palestine for the first time, to research her upcoming feature documentary My Love Awaits Me by the Sea (working title). The film attempts to merge between what’s real and fantasized. The fictional element comes from trying to understand concepts such as nostalgia, desire, memory, dreaming and fantasy. And the reality stems from seeing how the present Palestinian generation, are dealing with the occupation of everyday. The film focuses on Hasan Hourani’s art work - an artist that was able to dream beyond the restrictions of the everyday.

During the residency I met dozens of Lebanese musicians from multiple genres, classical Arabic, experimental music, hip hop, rock and many others to try and get the feel of the music scene in Lebanon. I also contacted people active in the industry & scouted for venues with the idea of performing there with my band in the future.


By the end, I worked on a collaboration project with the Lebanese rock band "Meen", so I composed and recorded a song in "Forward Productions" studios in Beirut, the song is to be mastered in Jordan and released soon. A few other collaborations are in progress as well.