Johnny Amore - The Super Hero

The Superhero has existed for two years and lives in Germany.

As a result of a crisis, the artist Johnny Amore became a Superhero by chance, a Superhero with mere human superpowers. To manage his crisis, he was going to travel to Finland and Lanzarote; he got his strength back after he gave several performances and projects and practiced his good skills by being in contact with people.

In his Superhero blog (, people worldwide can always follow his journey. There he describes himself and his life by photographs and writings.

Then the Superhero came to Amman. This inspiring city and the great surrounding of Makan and its crew gave him the best support and peace, to live for the first time really his human Superpowers. He found himself again and gave back from his newly found strength: to the people in the streets and in two workshops with children about 'How to become a Superhero.’