luis berrios-negron

Luis is an artist from Puerto Rico who focuses on visual arts, material economies, and mass customization through the lens of architecture. He has received various awards, including the Parsons / Michael Kalil Award for Smart Design, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Schnitzer Award for the Visual Arts, the MIT Takenaka Corporation Japan Internship, and the MIT Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture Travel Grant.


Luis has had solo and group exhibitions, installations and architectural design projects in over 10 countries. Recent work includes the founding of The Anxious Prop collective/publication, projects such as 'The Turtle' and 'Nonspheres' series, collaborative projects such as the 'Urban Customization Workshop' (Berlin/Hamburg/Munich) and 'Stonemasonry in Context' (Mallorca), and installations such as 'Immediate Archaeologies' at Program (Berlin) and 'Immediate Archeologies Two or the Children's Crusade' (Dresden).

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