Basma Al-Sharif

I spent the month of June at Makan developing a new project I decided should be titled 'milk & honey'. I arrived with loads of fantastical convoluted ideas about how to begin research/development on a still image and text project that would illustrate a love story set in an apolitical Middle East. I spent the beginning of the month researching fascist Italian cinema and pre-Islamic Middle Eastern history, redrawing maps, photographing kites & trees, taking day trips to Ajloun, Jerash, and Mount Nebo. Then, once I got super overwhelmed and could no longer identify the origins of the project I wanted to make, I decided to discover downtown Amman. Soon enough, the images I had taken and hung in my studio at Makan began to translate into the beginnings of the love story I had been imagining and narrating in my sleep for months. Soon after that, I realized the missing piece to my puzzle was old Arabic love songs. So, I headed to a music shop that had tons of old music but which myself and the shop owners had to sing together in order to identify. By the end of the month, I packed up my images and the beginnings of what I consider to be a promising text and now the project is just a bit less convoluted (although just as fantastical) and I am confident of it becoming a short experimental film