Mohamed Reda

When asked about a defining moment in his life, Amsterdam-based artist Mo Reda would always go back to being born in Kuwait and growing up there under unusual circumstances. Having been born to parents of Iraqi nationality, Mo was suddenly branded as an unwelcome ‘other’ at the outbreak of the 1990 Gulf War. Despite being an ‘enemy’, he was also seen as a friend and victim because of his Kurdish background. 

Mo felt that he and his family transformed from being victims to invaders simply because of their passports. Within one year, he had shifted between being a friend, victim, and enemy to his place of birth. Despite all this, he felt that he was still the same person.

In his works, he explores several issues: the show of strength and power versus powerlessness; perpetrator/victim positioning and identity; the physically and emotionally violent nature of man, and; the perception of identity and identification. There are very strong connections between these interests and Mo Reda’s personal background.


Mohammaed will be in Makan from April 23rd till June 23 2012