Superhero tales - Talk by resident artist Johnny Amore

May 6, 2009 - 00:00

Super hero arrived to Jordan sometime in March. As always, his arrival was fuss free; he landed under a big clock tower in the middle of city, found himself a bed in Makan’s residency studio overlooking the Citadel. After a good night’s sleep, equipped with argeileh smoke and on a sugar high after consuming some of the best known desserts of the city, the Super Hero embarked on his special mission, several heroic missions in fact.

Along the way, he met men in kufiyas, devil worshippers and terrorists and all his local friends are women. Searching for other super heroes to keep him company, he located one in the street outside Makan and conducted super hero generating workshops for children.

This Super Hero has special powers such as intuition, love, a big heart and optimism. He thinks we can all be super heroes, is it true? For more on how and what it means to be one, come to Makan to meet the artist and listen to him talking about his experiences in Jordan. For further information, check:

Meanwhile, Super Hero is training for the Heroes Run in Brighton. So wish him luck.


7:00 pm

Johnny Amore's residency is supported by the Goethe Institute-Amman