The River Has two Banks presents: Round in Circles, lecture and listening session by Ahmad Zaatari

November 10, 2012 - 21:00

From 1949 - 1959, pioneering Jordanian musician Tawfiq Al Nimri joined the Jordanian radio station offices in Ramallah, where he started producing and composing work that came to define the genesis of Jordanian national music. In this newly commissioned research, Zatari follows Nimri's journey, unpacking some of the complex transnational influences that informed his music and challenging the common enforcement of singular identity directions on nationalist and patriotic music production in Jordan today. 

Ahmad Zatari is an independent journalist and writer based in Amman, Jordan. He has published two books, working on the third, and is a regular cultural correspondent for the Al-Akhbar newspaper. As a coordinator for ‘Freemuse’, he also works on promoting freedom of expression in music in the Middle East and North Africa.