Open Studio: Young Artists' Residency Projects 2010

August 8, 2010 - 19:00

Makan invited the public to meet the summer residency program participants and  view their works in progress. The residency for summer 2010 brought together four recent graduates from different art backgrounds from Amman and Ramallah to work on the theme of  Socializing and Technology. The residency focused on collaboration and exchange of experiences among the participants  and on their reflections on online social networking groups.


Razan Sadeq’s sculptural work investigates the emotional implications of people’s relationship to their computers and virtual realities, and how this transforms perceptions of the surrounding environment.


Together Nahla Tabba’a and Razan Sadeq collaborated on a key map through which the layered relationships and implications of online social networks were abstracted and then re-created in physical form.


Awatef Romeyah (Palestine) attempted to embody the worldwide network experience of online socializing as an installation and performance in which its multiplicity and large territory was explored.


Nuha Innab re-interpreted the alternative possibilities created through online social groups through sculptural forms in which time, scale and space were re-imagined.