Open Studio: young artist summer residency project 2011- 4th Edition

July 30, 2011 - 19:00

Makan invites you to meet the summer residency program participants and view their works in progress. The residency brought together five young artists with different art practices from Amman and Alexandria; the residency focused on collaboration and exchange among the participants encouraging the exploration of new mediums and ideas.
Inspired by cultural connotations of objects widely planted around the city, Reham Sharbaji experimented with the notions of public space and the communication with the viewer by intervening in the perceived environment using text, signage and mapping.
Khaled Sari, who has a performing art, film directing and poetry background, made use of the residency to contemplate ideas around freedom and peace in the socio-political context of the region.
Muna Amareen, trained as a print maker, employed this residency as a time for exploration and experimentation with new mediums and possible collaborations with the other residents.

Within her residency, Noor Abu Higley explored ways to deliver a message in public spaces; her artwork addressed local political and social issues such as people's resistance to social change, civic engagement and responsibility.

Sarah Ibrahim (Alexandria) explored the links between the physical body, displacement and memory. Challenging her usual practice which uses the image to abstractly connect with her identity, Sarah hoped to question the direct and non-abstract issues at the core of her practice during this residency.