Muratbek And Goddy

November 6, 2010 - 14:00

Initiated and supported buy Triangle Network, the residency for knowledge and skill sharing took place from the 3 of Nov – 6th Dec 2010.

The aims of the residency was to bring together art managers of independent spaces together to learn from each other experiences, and share knowledge over the span of one month in Amman. The residency was quite unique, and focused on particular topics that the three spaces decided were of interest and relevant to their work, an included challenges as well as successful programs and ideas managed by each space.

The residency began with an introduction to the spaces’ history, their programmes and the people working and running the spaces, as well as various working methods. Some of the main issues that were covered throughout the residency were fundraising and sustainability, as well as new methods of raising funds locally based on past experiences of the 3 spaces and ideas for new methods towards this. Future possibilities and transformation of the space and its functions were also considered, in reaction to on the needs of local artist communities and audiences as well. Audience and participation was also a topic of discussion, and ideas for audience experience, reaching communities and increasing neighbourhood participation were reflected on both through the physical space and in the city or outside in other cities through various projects and intiations.

The residency also included several meetings with local artists and organizations. Two artist meetings included a presentation of both Goddy and Muratbek’s work. The residency also came in time with the preparation for an exhibition in public spaces, curated by Juliana Smith in partnership with Makan entitled Utopian Airport Lounge. This gave a great opportunity for the residents to be professionally involved in a project at Makan, which also became an opportunity for the residents to see how Makan implements a project. The residents were very engaged with the artists and the curator and assisted depending on their areas of interest in production and documentation, and apart from this being an experience for professional development it was an opportunity for a real connection to form through working on a project. Muratbek assisted artists in producing and documenting their work in public space, and both Goddy and Muratbej became advisors for the curator on issues that were raised and needed decision making. Their experience as artists, managers and curators was very helpful on every level in this project.

As this reflection comes in retrospect on the residency, and after the sad news of Goddy’s sudden passing away. This unexpected loss of Goddy automatically put the residency in another light, making every word, idea and experience exchanged even more memorable and valuable in some way. Goddy is remembered for his generosity in sharing his experience and dedication in setting up a very inspiring space – Art Bakery - in the outskirts of Duala Cameroon, as well as the chance to here him speak about his own artistic practice and projects were both very enriching experiences. Aside to the professional, Goddy’s was also a warm, intelligent and funny person who’s company was memorable in many ways.

Curators/artists Muratbek Djumaliev (ArtEast /Kyrgyzstan) and Goddy Leye (Art Bakery/Cameroon) are spending a one-month residency at Makan as part of the Knowledge and Skills Sharing residency program initiated and supported by the Triangle Arts Trust network. This residency aims to open the doors between the three art spaces (Makan, ArtEast and Art Bakery) for mutual learning and collaboration opportunities.

Muratbek Djumaliev works with Gulnara Kasmalieva as a team. They graduated from Kyrgyz State College of Fine Art then studied in Russia during the period of the Perestroika. Upon returning to Bishkek, they experimented with new technologies and developed documentary-style videos and photography that provide unprecedented representations of Kyrgyzstan’s passage to independence and the impact of Soviet-era legacies on life and identity.

At ArtEast, the cultural centre they run in Bishkek, Kasmalieva and Djumaliev

are active as curators; they organize and curate regional and international exhibitions, courses in contemporary theory, practice and art management, workshops, networking and collaborations enabling young artists to get in touch with artists, curators and critics in other contexts.

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Goddy Leye is a multimedia installation artist. His works have been featured in numerous international exhibitions including, “Africa Remix” (2004-2007), the 7th Bamako Biennale, Mali (2007), Sao Paulo Biennale (2002), Dak’Art (2000) and Havana Biennale (2000). He was artist in residence in Gasworks Studios, London (2008), Fondation Blachère, Apt, France (2007) and the Rijksakademie, Amsterdam (2001- 2002). In 2003, Goddy Leye founded the Art Bakery, an artist residency programme housed in his own studio in Bonendale, near Douala, Cameroon.

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