migrant workers in jordan: a talk by thorayya el-rayyes

November 18, 2014 - 00:00

In her talk, Thorayya will give an overview of labour policies in Jordan that serve to create a docile pool of migrant labour outside the framework of mainstream labour rights. She will look at each of the main economic sectors dominated by migrant labour (garment manufacturing, agriculture, domestic work and construction) and trace the influence of regional oil economies as well as neoliberal economic policies that have enabled the creation of this pool of marginalized migrant labour. She will also highlight its effects on the local labour force.

This talk is part of a parallel program engaged with Chicago Boys project in Amman. Chicago Boys is a 70s/80s music revival band and informal neo-liberalism study group lead by artist Hiwa K. The band has been rehearsing in Amman for 3 weeks and on Friday 21 November will hold a jamming session at Al Hussein Workers Center with musician workers from Madagascar.