The Makanie headlines from everywhere

-Ola Khalidi and Diala Khasawnih started working on their project during the residency they are spending 2 months in Argentina for.


-The Multimedia artist Toleen Touq will start the Makan's adventure and transformation in the next couple of days through her project " Daydreaming at 5:48 PM" which will transform Makan into a neighbourhood sound transmitter. A soundscape (a.k.a. memories) of Jabal Al Weibdeh will be collected and created through extensive sound recordings. At regular intervals Makan's balcony will be used to broadcast re-mixed samples of these recordings and other materials as interventions to the soundscape. These fragmented stories together form an invisible narrative that is traceable over a timeline of several months 


-The visual artist Oraib Touqan goes to London for an artist residency in Delphina Studios for 3 months.


-The visual artist Hanan Khalil returns to Amman  with her sweet spirit from an art workshop in China with  interesting stories and ideas.

-The visual artist Samah Hijawi based in Amman is preparing for the " Gas Cars project" with the German artist Johnny Amore. This project is a public intervention using gas cars .



More details will come later.

Stay tuned