Innab's "park" invites audiences to discuss public systems and cultural habits

Amman, March 10th 2010


“Park” is the title of visual artist Saba Innab’s latest project, an intervention in Makan. The exhibition, opened on the 8th of March at Makan, investigates notions about Amman's public systems and cultural habits. The project is part of a 4 month voyage undertaken by artists who proposed to explore notions and meanings of space through the transformation in function of the physical space of Makan.


During her residency at Makan, Saba Innab has been investigating ideas around the public/private space. Her research has encouraged conversations with people in the neighbourhood, which consequently posed new questions to the existing notions of urban spaces. The intervention has been structured to allow the audience to walk into the transformed space of Makan, passing through an open studio documenting Saba’s process ‘”so the audience can interact and share their own experiences,’’ Saba explains.


Saba Innab is an artist and architect whose work is concerned with urbanism and space production processes. Saba's artistic practice is very much informed by her architectural work.

Her architectural practice has recently landed her in a post war reconstruction of Nahr El Bared in Lebanon. She spent a month at the Town House Gallery in Cairo, Egypt as part of the Arab Residency and Exchange program run by Makan in December 2008



‘’Park” continues until the 17th of this month at Makan, opens Sundays till Wednesdays from 2pm until 7:00pm. A reading salon will take place on the 13th   of March at 7:00 pm; the salon is part of the International Women's Day Festival of "Aat network", and aims to highlight local creative talent and create a space for young people to share the written word.