"Infiltrators" Traveling Artist Talk by Khalid Jarrar

December 23, 2012 - 21:00

Khaled will present the process and challenges surrounding the making of his new documentary film “Infiltrators”. The film unravels adventures of various attempts by individuals and groups during their search for gaps in the Israeli Wall in order to permeate and sneak past it. Some attempts end in failure, and others in success. It's a cat and mouse game, in which failure leads to more persistence and success is an antithesis to the cat's theories of security. Khaled will screen some scenes from the film and walk us through the three-year process of collecting this rare footage. 


Khaled Jarrar works with photography, video and performance, and has widely exhibited locally and internationally. He lately became famous for his project "Live and work in Palestine" which consisted in creating the first unofficial Palestinian stamp that he uses to stamp official passports of people from all nationalities around the world.