Harakat-A dance performance, a result of a Hip Hop workshop

Makan organized, in cooperation with OrangeRed, a two week Hip Hop workshop conducted by instructors Samir Bakhat and Sam Revell from Belgium and supported by the European Union. This workshop invited 15 young participants between the ages of 15 and 21 to train daily; they came together for their love of dance. They came with varying levels of experience; one came to this workshop with no experience in dance but a desire to learn, one does street dance daily with his friends, another has been dancing ballet for years and the one that loves Salsa added some Latin rhythm to these break-dance moves.


The workshop resulted in a Hip Hop performance choreographed by the two instructors; it blended in the talents and skills of each of the participants. The training took place at Haya Cultural Centre and the performances were shown in Amman at the Hussein Cultural Centre and in the city of Aqaba.


The participants: Ala' Eddin Al Masri

Alia' Qurra

Anwar Al Khalidi

Dana Khamis

Fadi Hassan

Firas Al Natour

Hala Qattan

Jumana Al Hujairi

Laith Fahmaoui

Mahmoud Faris

Mohammad Al Zain

Noor Abu Hamdan 

Rami Rabba'

Razan Snoubar

Sarin Hairbidian

Tha'er Fahmaoui