From the Garden to the Grove: Guided Tour

April 19, 2014 - 00:00

ArtTerritories at Makan is delighted to announce its first guided tour. Join us as we discover and understand the different agricultural and planting practices within urban and suburban landscapes as we respond to our current exhibition “Gardening the Suburbs” by Corinne Silva.



Meet at Makan Art Space, Breakfast will be provided


Our first destination is the Royal Botanical

garden, Jordan’s largest garden, home to 600 native species. Understanding their efforts to preserve and nurture plants local to Jordan, Director Tariq Abu Taleb will explain the unique environment of Tal Al Rumman, and their efforts to redefine the concept of a Botanical Garden.



A visit to Mazen Daqaq’s nursery ‘Ur Garden’ where we will learn about the shifting trends in plant purchases, the commercial aspect of gardening, the challenges of promoting native plants and designing gardens that are practical and functional.



Lunch at Makan Art Space catered by Taghmees.



Demystifying the concept of ‘organic farming,’ discover how to read and understand the plants that contribute to the work of Namliyeh, as you sample their seasonal jams.



We conclude with landscape architect Lara Zureikat in one of her project gardens the National Gallery of Fine Arts Park, where she sheds light on the shifts of planting practices in Jordan from the 50s moving towards current priorities- from the sustainability of the grove to the aesthetic notion of a garden



Tariq Abu Taleb

Mazen Daqaq


Corinne Silva


Lara Zureikat

*Taghmees and Corinne Silva were not official speakers, but there is footage of them speaking and introducing their work