Ducks, Flies and Cows - The Art of Animation Wed 8th Feb 2012, 6:30pm

February 8, 2012 - 18:30

The third session of the Winter Films at Makan features a selection of some of the world's most celebrated animated films. These international short animation films present various time periods and a range of techniques, a taste of this art, a controversial genre that continues to grow and expand inspiring imagination and magic.

Winter Films at Makan is a series of film screenings curated by journalist and film critic Yazan Al-Ashqar who lives in Amman and writes for the Lebanese daily, Al Akhbar. Hoping to generate a conversation after each session, the screenings present samples of films that have left their mark in world cinema history and have pushed the industry of filmmaking forward.

All films are subtitled in English only. 

Full details of films in the attached file.

Total time of screening: 132 minutes


1. Duck Amuck

USA, 1953, 7 minutes

Director: Chuck Jones

2. Tale of Tales

Soviet Union, 1979, 29 minutes

Director: Yuri Norstein

3. The Fly

Hungary, 1980, 3 minutes

Director: Ferenc Rófusz

4. Jumping

Canada & Japan, 1984, 7 minutes

Director: Osamu Tezuka

5. Cow

Soviet Union, 1989, 10 minutes

Director: Aleksandr Petrov

6. Balance

West Germany, 1989, 7 minutes

Directors: Christoph Lauenstein and Wolfgang Lauenstein

7. Darkness/Light/Darkness

Czechoslovakia, 1989, 6 minutes

Director: Jan Švankmajer

8. Rejected

United States, 2000, 9 minutes

Director: Don Hertzfeldt

9. Father  & Daughter

Belgium, Netherlands, & United Kingdom, 2000, 8 minutes

Director: Michael Dudok de Wit

10. Eat

United States, 2001, 9 minutes

Director: Bill Plympton

11. Wind Along the Coast

Russia, 2004, 6 minutes

Director: Ivan Maximov

12. Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor

Japan, 2007, 21 minutes