A cup of tea with Makan’s artists in Residence

February 24, 2010 - 00:00

Makan invites you to meet resident artists Saba Innab and Tom Bogaert where you can view and discuss the projects they are working on during their residency periods in February and March.

Date: Wednesday 24 February 2010

Time: 7:00pm


Tom Bogaert  : Tom is working on ‘Impression, proche orient’ a project referencing issues relevant to contemporary Middle East society including politics, artistic identity and Jordanian cucumbers.  Part of this project is a Grand Tour of artist residencies in the region.

Tom Bogaert is mainly an installation artist, who focuses on creating contextual pieces that are politically inspired. Though Bogaert often deals with difficult themes and subjects, he maintains a degree of lightness and humor in his work. The seriousness of the work and subject matter are often masked by this humor and by an intentional lack of high-production values.


Saba Innab: The project investigates the concept of the public/private space through analyzing the relation of Makan to its context and vice versa - a micro environment in a bigger context. As an attempt to understand place as a social product, as the potential of the public empowerment and politics of a place a possible transformation in the perception of Makan may take place.


Saba Innab is an artist and architect whose work is concerned with Urbanism and space production processes. Saba's artistic practice is very much informed by her architectural work.

Her architectural practice has recently landed her in a post war reconstruction of Nahr El Bared in Lebanon. She spent a month at the Town House Gallery in Cairo, Egypt as part of the Arab Residency and Exchange program run by Makan in December 2008