The Balcony: an Idea in a Void

Finally! Celebrating Makan's seventh birthday!
The Balcony, an Idea in a Void



The Balcony: a small space at the end of Makan's main hall over looking downtown Amman,  a limitless space that has been hosting activties, meetings, people, and hundreds cups of tea over the past seven years.

An Idea in a Void: a term Makan team borrowed from a dear friend, an attempt at describing the continuous need to explain what a contemporary artist, art practitioner, or independent non profit  art space does in this world.

This publication is a celebration of Makan's seven years in operation, it is a collection of texts, notes, images and names narrating the history of the space: Makan's people, audiences, projects, experiences, activities, dreams, fears and future expectations.

Makan team takes this opportunity to thank all those involved in realising this publication: the contributors, the designer and the funders.

The publication can be found in Makan. We hope you enjoy it and your comments are most welcome.