April Tales from Makan

The Superhero spends most of his times in the Streets ?

The Superhero Johnny Amore who is doing a residency supported by The Goethe Institute in Bait Makan, has started practicing his heroic powers in the streets of Amman. To follow the superhero's adventures, comments and stories in the city please visit his blog :



The new Resident Doa Aly is addicted ?

Two days ago, artist Doa Aly arrives in from Cairo and instantly gets addicted to the springy sunny weather, Makan's balcony and Oak trees. So she spends most of her time working from the balcony which will be her source of inspiration Check out this link to read Doa's Biography



new born babies ?

After waiting for too long watching and observing , we are happy to welcome our cute little babies of the pigeon who nested and is currently raising them behind the Air Condition on the balcony.