approximations everywhere : exhibition, artist talk & art bar by nile sunset annex

November 25, 2014 - 00:00

Makan Art Space is pleased to host the first exhibition of Nile Sunset Annex's contemporary art collection in Amman.  Displayed in Makan’s library, the show consists of miniaturized replicas of artworks by 15 artists, while in the kitchen is a pint-sized iteration of Nile Sunset Annex’s archive posters from art exhibitions in Egypt in the past 25 years. This will be mirrored by a second, new archive of Jordanian posters.
Also on display is their newly commissioned collaboration with The Experience of Jordanian Museology, a research project by Noura Al Khasawneh, Yaser Amad and Noura Salem, which looks into the current state of Jordan’s surprisingly many and varied museums and collections. 

Tuesday, November 25
Artist Talk at 6.30 pm 
Language: English

Nile Sunset Annex will give a colorful image-based presentation about how they have emerged out of the context of the art scene in Egypt.  As an evolving production and dispersion outfit, they have created an interesting model of being artists and working with artists. The talk will highlight their dedication to experimentally collecting and producing art objects, exhibitions and publications. 
Thursday, November 27
ART BAR opens 6:30-8:30 pm 
We will be opening the Nile Sunset Annex Art Bar at 6:30 pm where you can enjoy special cocktails surrounded by an archive of Egyptian and Jordanian exhibition posters and cultural ephemera. Bring a poster or postcard from a Jordanian art, music or cultural event (at any point in history) to add to the collection on display, and enjoy a free drink!
Nile Sunset Annex is a two-year-old self-funded artist-run art space which occupies a spare room in a flat in Garden City, Cairo. It offers artists a space to realise month-long exhibitions but also acts as a publishing house, Egypt’s first semi-public contemporary art collection, an installation team, and an author or barmaid when necessary.
List of artists in the Nile Sunset Annex collection: Taha Belal, Marc-Alexandre Dumoulin, Faten El Disouky, Walid Elsawi, Jenifer Evans, Malak Helmy, Mahmoud Khaled, Mohanad Nur, Leah Rosenberg, Sarah Samy, Samira Ahmed Selim, Take to the Sea, Marianne Vlaschits and James Wright.
Nile Sunset Annex at Makan is co-curated by Shuruq Harb and Noura Al Khasawneh.