max mason - uk



video, animation video and election posters


The diggers from the quarries are moving towards the village of Shatana. I’m told that the owner of the quarries bought the land on a 100 year lease. He pays the villagers a monthly fee for the inconvenience of it all and has paved the roads so his trucks can move faster. The landscape is disappearing; strange surreal cores of land remain and the Bedouin tents are covered in dust. The dog on the hill is not happy, every morning at 6 am; the same time the quarries open for business he starts snarling and whimpering his bark echoes around the village. In the municipality of Irbid an election is taking place for mayor. Suit and tie clad men stare out from the walls of the village. I drink and smoke with the quarry workers, a Bedouin entertains me, I take a lift with a truck driver, I put myself forward for election.


You can’t learn everything about a place in two weeks but you can learn something.