willum geerts - holland


Shatana, with its enchanting and natural surroundings, inspired me to look for and work with neutral predefined structures, conventions and clichés. This resulted in three works in which the expectations of the viewer are put to the test.





Golden curtain rails and brackets

A minimalist site-specific intervention where the five rails were attached to a nondescript wall on rocks, forming a tilted line.




DV-video / duration 02’15”, no sound


A holiday tableaux portrait in a declining landscape.




No title (Hit the Fan)

1 equipped community centre with couches, tube lights and ventilators / 4 plastic trees / 4 round tables with white table cloth.


A sound piece in the blinded and minimal lit main space where four fake trees subtly hit the ventilators. They create rhythmic shifting patterns and therefore a little chaos in the formal structure of the room.