waheeda malullah - bahrain

With All Due Respect

video, comb, faces and an eastern girl


To my body, to injustice, and to those who do not come close. A movement to liberate my hair strands from the chain of the (Islamic or Eastern) cover/veil. With the participation of 12 volunteers both men and women, each combed his or her hair for a moment on exhibition, to remove a burden off my shoulders that the (other) does not understand. Waheeda appears, a shot depicting her back, her hair without cover. This comes after difficult attempts to remove what my body refuses.


Note: To my family, this is my life, with all due respect.


Animation workshop

Elke Uitentuis and Waheeda Mallulah


An animation workshop was initiated by Waheeda and Elke for the children of Shatana. Ten children participated; the group made a short animation video of a boy and a monster.