saba innab - jordan

The two projects were inspired by the contradiction between the very slow tempo of the village verses the speedy wheel of destruction/construction; a process that starts with eating the mountains of Shatana and ends with dislocation.


Untitled I

wood and chicken wire


A box, a house, a room, a minimal structure that could be inhabited by any life, stands against the quarries (on the periphery of Shatana) catching layers upon layers of lime stone dust (which is technically what is left for Shatana's people from their own disappearing mountains). Witnessing the accumulation of dust dramatizes the deteriorating reality.


Untitled II

wooden boxes and transparent film


Three boxes face the quarries; each has a small window to look through. The opening, framing a scene, is covered with a transparent screen depicting an image superimposed on the actual scene; a possible reality overlapping the real scenery.