nicolas simarik - france

Through the laptop (digital image)
| 9 laptops with reflective screens | Camera | Wood planks | Nails and a hammer | Printing house |

Hand craft a shelf box with pigeon holes to house 9 laptops and place in a beautiful landscape. Open the laptops and use their screens as reflectors of the landscape merging nature and technology documented in digital images.


Jordan water flower (sculpture)
| Wild Jordan flowers for inspiration | Water faucet heads | Silicone glue | Iron rod | Plastic ball |

Contemplate the local wild flower called Al-kunfuthya (Globe Thistle). Over several days, and at 2-hour intervals, glue one water faucet head at a time onto the plastic ball, until the ball is covered. Upon completion, fix the ball onto a metal rod and place the shining ‘flower’ back into nature.