mustapha akrim - morocco

No title (sculpture)| Plastic water pipes | Drill | Water hose | Water | Cement | Discussions on water scarcity in Jordan |After studying the map of Jordan, create an impression of the map with perforated, joined plastic pipes. Elevate the structure about 10cm off the ground and connect a water source at 3 different points. Turn the water tap on and allow the water to drip onto the ground to create a pool of water in the shape of the map of Jordan reflecting on Jordan’s water problems. No title (sculpture)| Many small but tall see-through plastic bags  | Found pile of white sand and pebbles (used for building) |Fill all the plastic bags with the white sand, place under a tree in the shape of half a circle. This work is a reference to the stone quarries near Shatana and their effect on the nature around.