mohssin harraki - morocco

Think beyond thinking (land art/intervention)
| Hillside | White paint | Rocks | Crake |

Locate a hill-side overlooking Shatana village. Use rope and sticks to measure out the area on which the phrase ‘Think beyond Thinking’ will be written in Arabic. Keep in mind the sizes needed for it to be seen from a distance. Over 5 days, labor up and down the hill, gathering rocks and laying them side by side to create the words, paint the rocks white. The idea is to question a familiar form echoing patriarchal messages.


My trip to Shatana (installation)
| Passport | Scanner | Frames, nails and a hammer | Acrylic paints and brush | A wall in an old house |

Collect and scan all the stamps and visas on a Moroccan artist’s passport acquired through the trip from France through Morocco to Jordan to attend Shatana Workshop. Print these pages separately on A4 sized paper and frame them. Place the frames on corresponding points on a map depicting the journey (drawn on a wall in an abandoned house) recounting the various transits of the journey.


No title (installation)
| 77 kilos of pita bread | Rolls of cling wrap |

Purchase your weight in bread. Pile up the bread to match your height, and hold it up with cling wrap (you might need the help of friends to complete this process). On the Open Day, present this to the people of Shatana, ask them to take some bread as a gesture of leaving a part of you with them.