mihret alwabie - ethiopia

I belong everywhere (mural)
| 12 -15 used clothing items | 1 large wall | A box of nails | A hammer | 20 nicely shaped drinking glasses | Coins |

Over several days, go around the village and collect inhabitants’ clothes that they would not mind giving up, also a means to establish relations with the people. In the meantime, purchase a set of 20 glasses and ask the workshop artists to paint each on a glass. Find a large wall in the village center and nail up the clothes across the wall to make a mural. Under the clothes, hang the painted glasses and place a coin in each glass, one coin from every artists’ country.


I belong everywhere (drawings)
| Drawings in acrylic paint | A wooden ladder |

Opposite the mural, place a series of drawings inspired by the biblical mosaics of
Jordan on the steps of a horizontally reclining ladder.