manoj baviskar - india

Love you Shatana (sculpture)
| Dried pine leaves | Earth | 5 kg table sugar | Water |

First, heap together a heart-shaped mound of dry pine leaves. Then, cover the leaves with a clay mixture made from earth and water and finally, sprinkle the heart with 5 kilos of white table sugar.



Write on my dress whatever you wish in your own language (performance)
| 1 Artist in a white serwal kamis | 1 Black marker pen | Open Day visitors, the more the merrier |

Approach people in the Open Day of Shatana and ask them to express themselves onto the canvas of your attire, a drawing, a scribble, some words, whatever they fancy, leaving witness to the connection made.


An attempt to understand the basic elements of nature (video documented performance)
| 1 main artist | 6 male artists  | 6 different natural fabric dyes | 7 cotton serwal kamis suits all the way from India | 6 buckets full of dye | Shower-head hanging from a tree |

First, hang a shower-head from a pine tree connected to a water source. On the side, dye each serwal kamis with one of the 6 colours. Each of the six artists wears one dyed kamis and all stand in a line facing the main artist who wears a white serwal kamis. The main artist approaches each artist by turn, receiving the contents of that person’s bucket, filled with dye the same colour as his kamis, then the two embrace. Finally, the group meets in a circle under the shower.