mais darwazah - jordan

Aisha’s journey (video projection)
| A village inhabitant | A good conversation | Video camera | A trip up the hill | An historic poem |

Pay several visits to one of the village inhabitants, and record some of the conversations you had about life, love and marriage. In the meantime, question women’s existence and hardships throughout time in parallel to an historical poem that narrates the story of the fight a woman undertook to claim her rights. Combine these stories with your own, a personal trek, a voyage, a challenge.


The sea is here (installation)
| Pine tree | Wood planks | Metal  | Paper and pen | Small sack | Many helium balloons |

Walk around the village and decide on a tree that offers a lot of shade and a quiet spot for contemplation. Commission a carpenter to create a hanging boardwalk; install it under the tree. Place the sack on the tree with pen and paper. On the Open Day, when visitors come to see the location, hand each a balloon and ask him or her to attach a wish to it, and from the dock set the balloon with the wish into the sky.