lynn kodeih - lebanon

Water drop (installation)
| Old abandoned house | Water | Plastic bags | Carpenter | Video projector/data-show | 200 miniature bottles | Candles |
Ceramic water jug |

Using a series of photographs of yourself in an iconic posture, create a moving animation. Commission a carpenter to create a wooden structure, place it in a room in the abandoned house, hang water filled plastic bags from the beams (inspired from fly-repelling water filled plastic bags). Add to the atmosphere by burning candles on the side of the room. Project the animated images in the centre of the structure. Puncture the plastic bags to slowly drip water into a reservoir, which allows water to drip from it on the side. Visitors are meant to pick one of the miniature bottles (which are placed to spell out “Take a drop of Water,”) and fill it with the dripping water.