juliana smith - usa/switzerland

Lemons, lemons, sugar and waterInstallation and Performance, 10 minutes

Bitter. Sour. life is a circle. Lemons. we belong. Father. Round and round. ring around. belong, we belong. we want to belong.
Scream for the aches. Cry for joy. tick, tock, tick. artists and villagers, a girl without a father. Lemons, lemons, lemons, sugar and water. in the name of the father. Where is the girl’s father?
Lemons, lemons and sugar. Oh father, where art thou? Lemons, lemons are not in season, sugar, water. we thirst, let us drink.

Father, father, who is… just a man, more than a man. Lemons, lemons. The girl belongs to the man she. never met. we belong, we belong, sugar and water. Father- you are just a man, just a name- the girl the girl that is me-she carries your blood- half of your blood. Iranian blood. Lemons, lemons, sugar and water.

This dirt in this village. this dirt in this village with fathers and mothers and daughters and sons. This dirt is one step closer - to to… ashes to ashes- dust to dust- do you even live father? Lemons, lemons, sugar and water. Do I belong to you? You who does not even know that your blood, half of your blood, exists, walks, one step closer to your land. In this village of fathers and artists. Lemons, lemons, sugar and water.

The villagers, the artists, the visitors become my. fathers, brothers, sisters, even my mothers. We belong. we belong in this moment. WE BELONG WE BELONG. LEMONS, LEMONS, SUGAR AND WATER.