juan der hairabedian - argentine

Rocks, wind, sound and culture are the elements I was impacted by in Shatana and Jordan. These were the raw materials in which I tried to work the existing borders between representation, perception, beliefs and knowledge.


Caret El Finjan: one drawing, three readers

Video installation

duration: 16 min 50 sec


Three different coffee readers render an interpretation of the same cup of the Middle Eastern coffee drunk by me. Working with people is always a puzzle, and results are uncertain.


Big Masbaha

90 x 10 cm, 8 kg

Made together with Open Day guests with naturally hollowed “precious” stones from Shatana; Big Masbaha offers us different meanings and material that change the product.


Shatana Forma (form)

Video projection on wall

Duration: 3-minute loop

A black and white silent video generated by the light and shadows created with reflections on the rocky and pierced geography of Shatana.


Green Speech

Video, colour, sound

Duration: 3 min 22 sec

The wind subtly moves an object and produces sound of a color.