jeannette gaussi - germany/afghanistan

Without ice cream (installation)
| Around 200 bright multi coloured ice cream cones |

Glue ice cream cones together in geometric forms. Place these cones in a darkened room of an empty house in the village.



My little colored Bedouin tent (installation)
| Previously constructed cube metal frame (used to support grape vines) | Plastic rope in many colours | Small TV | Video camera | Music | Clothes |

Get enough plastic rope in different colours to wrap around a 4m square metal construction to imitate an enclosure, inspired from a tent. Film the lives of the Bedouins who live around Shatana village; choose songs that go beautifully with the imagery. Play the movie on a small screen and place it under a tree next to your colored plastic rope tent. Hang out clothes on a washing line next to the tent



The Beloved (publication) A collaborative project with Youmna Chlala
| Interviews | Camera | Printing press |

As a tool to visit the village people, go around the village in the company of another artist and ask them about the one thing that they love most. Take a picture of that one special thing, and record what they have to say about it. Pair up the image with a description quoting the person interviewed. Put together all 14 interviews into a booklet and make 150 copies of this 8 page publication and hand it out to people on the open day.


Home sweet home (installation) A collaborative project with Youmna Chlala
| Domestic objects found in the village: carpet, mattress, desk, books, lantern, plant, and a TV | Childhood family pictures |

In collaboration with another artist, find a room in an abandoned house in Shatana and furnish it to make it look lived in and homey, live in it for a couple of days and film the process. Install a television set inside the house and play the video of your life in the house during the Open Day.


Rafique (collaborative project)
| Colored yarn | Undershirt | Male model (a.k.a. Rafique) | Camera |

Spend the week embroidering on a white undershirt; choose simple patterns and colors that match your model. Leave the ends of the strings attached to the ball of string. Take pictures of the model wearing the shirt. Exhibit evidence on the open day.