elie abu samra - lebanon


olive tree, halo and lighting


The olive tree has played a central role in the "old world" at large and particularly in our area. For centuries, the produce of this tree guaranteed life and the protection of humans. Upon my arrival to Shatana, I was taken by the olive tree which shaped the landscape of the village; it is the main local source for livelihood which has suffered as a result of the stone quarries near the village. This work pays tribute to the tree by surrounding it with a gold leaf halo, a recognized symbol of sanctity referring to iconography works as old as the civilizations of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. Furthermore, olive oil and light are connected as the first is the fuel for the second.


Video In A Cave



A video project that transported an aquarium from its normal location and placed it in an alien space. This transformation brings life to a deserted cave through the sound of water and the image of moving fish.