anees maani - jordan


found piece of wood


I started to make a piece with minimum intervention from me, keeping its original beauty; I started by peeling the log and smoothing it. Then I found another one that had a more interesting form and history. I fixed it on top of a big pointy rock just outside the area of the church. It will be, I suppose, loved by the villagers here, it will engage with people of different ages in different ways, it will grow on them. It can stay for a long time here, it can be seen from different heights and it fits all seasons. The sculpture is not eye catching, passing by; you might not notice it then turn your head back to look at that big sphere with a tail. The form suggests many interpretations, Wael told me that I need a title for any piece I do but "Untitled," like many of my other works, leaves the door open, if I call it dragon fly, it will only be a dragon fly.