Interview with visual artist Ala Younis

Conducted by Diala Khasawnih over email

Logistics: Exhibition opening on Tuesday April 14th at, 8:00pm, Darat al Funun. Exhibit on until June 16th

Diala: hello Ala’

I would like to ask you a few questions in preparation for your upcoming exhibition as part of the spring event at Darat al Funun. This show combines the launch of a web TV, a multidisciplinary group of audiovisual artists and a collection of your works - an exciting formula.

Diala Khasawnih: you are a visual artist, so what is your favourite colour?
Ala Younis: White (most of the time).

DK: Who is your favourite international artist?
AY: I keep changing my mind.

DK: Who is your favourite local artist? - By local, do you mean Jordanian... and I don't believe I should always have a favorite lists of people and things. And by the way, I keep changing my mind :)

DK: What is your favourite work of art- in the past 50 years?
AY: I like the works of Walid Raad.

DK: how would you define contemporary art?
AY: In these days, it can be "Individual's selection of a means of expression based on a decision or a reaction."

DK: what is more difficult, painting or video art?
AY: Painting... and sometimes video.

DK: do you think that artists who use contemporary forms such as video and installation are, deep down, just lazy?
AY: Not at all. What makes you think that?

DK: Ala, you are a visual artist with a training in architecture, you’ve also been an active member of the Darat al Funun’s team for a few years. Do you feel torn between these three sides of you?
AY: It is a challenge. But I keep changing my mind.

DK: if you can show your work anywhere in the world, right now, where would you choose?
AY: Peak hour at Aljazeera channel.

DK: I will see you there, best of luck.


Ala Younis is a visual artist; her work approaches social and cultural matters of life such as the memory, war and childhood using a variety of media including painting, video and installation. Diala hopes to meet up with Ala after the opening of her exhibit to talk about her work and the exhibition experience. Meanwhile, here are a few things about the artist.


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