diala khasawnih - jordan

Public interactive project


Shatana locals produce some goods in their homes, mostly the women, some expand at a scale beyond their own homes. These products range from dairy such as labaneh, yogurt, cheese, jameed, and ghee where they get fresh milk from the bedouin shepherds nearby, as well as olive oil, wine, hibiscus juice, freshly harvested okra, wheat and olives. All delicious, particularly with freshly backed local bread.


I spoke to some of these women, I suggested they exhibit and sell their produce on the Open Day. For complicated social reasons, the suggestion was met with some resistance in taking this commercial exchange from the privacy of their homes to the public. However, a group got enthusiastic and a project developed called al-dukkaneh (the shop). Some visitors left at sunset with a bottle of wine or a plastic bag of labaneh which will soon be made into balls and soaked in olive oil.